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The West Duel Warner

Warns if somebody is in duel range.

Mr. Perseus
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Userscript for The West. Warns if somebody is in duel range.

It's now officially allowed to use this script on German worlds.

Warns you if somebody who could duel you moves to your position (or you move to his).

New Feature in Version 1.0.0:

- Fire a system notification if a player moves to your position / if a player on your watch list gets attackable.

New Feature in Version 0.3.0:

- Watched Players (if a player on the list gets attackable you get notified)

New Features in Version 0.2.0:

- Autoupdater
- Enable / Disable TWDW for every world (enabled by default)
- Enable / Disable TWDW if you are duel protected (disabled by default)
- Play a warning sound (enabled by default)
- Play a repeated sound until you closed the warning flag (disabled by default)
- Warns if somebody moves to one of your old positions (tracks back up to 15 minutes)
- Other small improvements

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