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Steam - Overall Enhancement UE

Overall Enhancement for the Steam store. Price comparison, switch regions with one mouse click, "Friends since" and age check skipping.

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  • Region dropdown menu
    Lets you switch the current region with just one mouse click.

    You can add/delete the regions manually, for a list of country codes please visit
    This also affects the displayed regions in the "ID & Price comparison".

  • ID & Price comparison
    Inserts into every "Add to Cart"/"In Cart" button a "subID:####" text.

    Click on any(!) price/discount tag, in the store, to open the "ID & Price comparison":

    Steam added new currencies for: Turkey(tr) and Mexico(mx)
    Click on the region name and it will get you right to that region. Click on the the subID and it will bring you to

    It also has a currency conversion. (Just for comparison of the price, I do not guarantee that they are up to date! Don’t blame me if you have to pay more. ;))

    If you’re using NoScript you must allow the following domain "", in order for the currency conversion to work.
    The script gets the conversion rates every 24 hours from it.

  • User reviews in percents
    Shows the user reviews in percents, instead of "Overwhelmingly Positive", "Mixed" etc.

  • Friends since
    Brings back the "Friends since" date on your friend list.

    If you’re using NoScript you must allow the following domain "", otherwise the feature won't work.

  • Change Curator blocks
    Lets you hide or move the Curator blocks.

  • Age check skipping
    My script renews the "birthday" cookie. Most likely you will never get redirected to the age check form again!

  • Every feature can be (de)activated via the "Preferences" menu:
    Left side: | Right side:

  • Cross-Browser Compatible
    Works with Firefox+Greasemonkey, Opera/Chrome+Tampermonkey.

More will come soon

If you’re familiar with the german language please check out this version of the script (it currently has more features).

Questions, Bugs or Suggestions?

Comment why you add me first: Steam


+ Added Turkey(tr) and Mexico(mx) to the predefined region list.
* Fixed the showing of the non-discounted prices inside the "ID & Price comparison".
* Steam removed a JavaScript library which my script needed.
+ Added the following currencies VND, KRW, TRY, UAH, MXN, AUD und NZD to the
    \ "ID & Price comparison" preferences menu.
* Fixed the direct links to marketable items.
* The "ID & Price comparison" now handles Pre-Orders better.
+ You can now choose to which currency the "ID & Price comparison" should convert.
+ Added support for the currencies NOK & CAD.
    \ (The conversion rates should automatically update in the next 24 hours.)
+ Added Canada(ca) and Italy(it) to the predefined region list.
* The "ID & Price comparison" works on /sale/ pages again.
+ Now you can hide/move the Curator blocks.
+ User reviews in percents, instead of "Overwhelmingly Positive", "Mixed" etc.
* The script should now work correctly with the new Store design.
- Removed the "DLC Filter".
* Rewrote some parts of the "ID & Price comparison".
    | Now you can retry a request, if the previous one was unsuccessful.
    \ It doesn't necessarily needs a subID before the requests are sent out. That saves one request.
+ Added the following regions to the predefined region list: Indonesia(id), Malaysia(my), Philippines(ph),
    \ Singapore(sg), Thailand(th) and New Zealand(nz)
* The "ID & Price comparison" can now handle the " " thousands separator (used by the Indonesian Rupiah).
+ The "ID & Price comparison" should now be prepared for the 7 new currencies we will get this month.
+ The "ID & Price comparison" is now able to handle the Japanese currency Yen. (The conversion rates should
    \ automatically update in the next 24 hours.)
+ Added "Japan" to the predefined region list. (jp=Japan)
* Future currency changes shouldn't break the script.
+ Direct links for marketable items.
+ 'Steam Subscriber Agreement' auto opt-in.
+ Displaying the 'Friends since' date again.
* The "Region dropdown menu" should now adapt better to page zooming.
* The "ID & Price comparison" now works on "/software/" sites.
* The "ID & Price comparison" now works with the Summer Sale Daily Deals.
* The "ID & Price comparison" now works on "/publisher/" & "/recommended/" sites and on the live search.
* Workaround: Steam now sets cookies for API calls, what’s why you may noticed changed region/language after
    \ using the "ID & Price comparison".
+ The "ID & Price comparison" should now...
    | open on every price/discount tag in the store.
    | handle "Preorders" better.
    \ work again, if you click on the "subID:####" text.
* instead of (too many downtimes)
* The "ID & Price comparison" works now with...
    | gridviews, like the "Weeklong Deals"
    | the storefront carousel
    | the storefront spotlights
    | "/search/" sites
    \ Just click on the price/discount tag. :)
+ Added the "DLC Filter".
* The "ID & Price comparison" now works with the daily deal listed in the cart.
* Sometimes the "ID & Price comparison" failed to load, because Steam isn’t giving me the required appID directly.
    \ (Eg. the daily deal is linking to a package instead to the main game page.)
* Games with a "ROW" tag in the name, are no problem for the "ID & Price comparison" anymore.
* Improved "ID & Price comparison" detection (previous versions mixed up the 3 and 5 packs of TrackMania).
* "In Cart" buttons now also have the "subID:####" text.
+ The "ID & Price comparison" works now on "/dlc/" pages (eg. Max Payne 3 DLCs).
* The region dropdown menu is now back in the top navbar.