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Создано: 30.03.2019
Отредактировано: 30.03.2019


Hi Sam-DevZ, I have been using your script for some time now for and it works very well, but it can get better, so I have some optimization suggestions for you:

  • If you press shift with the bhop while hitting the ground you will get even faster, you could build this into the script and press the shift key for about 10ms when hitting the ground.
  • Running sideways is faster than running forward, maybe you can fake the game that you always run sideways.
  • The hitbox is much bigger than the Aimbot recognizes, you could improve it a lot if you make the whole hitbox to the target. Here I have a picture which should illustrate the Hitbox, the Hotbox goes here up to the red line.
  • The Aimbot should also shit on players when they are not completely visible, e.g. only their feet. The head should of course still be the main target. That fits well with my last point.
  • The Aimbot always hits best when you see the target for the first time, meaning the first shot is the best. I suggest to switch off the Aimbot between the shots and only switch it on during the shot for a millisecond.
  • Please do a prediction for the Aimbot, because he is always a bit behind in moving players by himself or other players. Then the aimbot could preshoot if someone comes around the corner, this could be done depending on the ping.
  • You could also sneak automatically during a shot, this would increase the precision still a little bit.
  • Maybe you can make a silent aimbot, which means that you only aim at the player on the serverside not on clientside.

I hope that most of the things are realizable. If you have any questions then please contact me on Telegram @Mulitalentchen

Here is the picture, I forgot to include it.

Создано: 30.03.2019
Отредактировано: 30.03.2019

I have more suggestions:)

  • Autorespawn
  • Autoswitchweapon (Automatically switch the weapon to pistol then shootand change back if it is faster than reloading the main weapons, e.g. for hunter and Rocketeer)
  • Autospray (The icon that you spray with F always automatically Spray to the nearest surface)
  • A menu for switching and changing the values
  • Autohide full servers

and hide sull server

Deleted user 287803
Создано: 31.03.2019

you smart

@"MINI noobik SL (noober50301)" schrieb: you smart

Why :D

  • No recoil
  • Auto reload
  • Auto respawn
  • Show player skill (e.g.) KD < 1 show NOOB next to name KD around 2 show average next to name so on.
  • Autoreload if game is full
  • Show how is host
Deleted user 287803
Создано: 01.04.2019

rili smart

I have another post detailing this, but another awesome feature would be an auto 360 because you get more points when 360-ing. Like the script would automatically spin you around instantly before you shoot.


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