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Feature Req: Auto 360/720 [krunker]

In krunker, you get more score if you do a 360/720 before you kill a person. Would it be possible to add another mode (like quickscope) that would automatically spin you around a couple of times very quickly before you shoot? That way, you could rack up score very quickly if you wanted. Thanks!

Создано: 27.03.2019
Отредактировано: 27.03.2019

Okay, thank you.

I spoke with some members of our team, and the effect this has is negligible. It's not too hard to add though so I'll look into it.

Thanks a ton!

I actually just messaged them and apparently it's +150 for 360, but nothing for 720. Do you think it's worth adding?

I'm not sure, I would definitely use it but I don't know how difficult it would be to code for you.

Would it be hard to code in?

Создано: 30.03.2019
Отредактировано: 30.03.2019

Line 48323 of the original game script

Wow! How did you find this?


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