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New Blocker Item

I was wondering since you were able to add a hotkey for traps, can you do the same with blockers? It Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

Создано: 19.06.2018
Отредактировано: 19.06.2018

If It Is Possible, It'd Be Nice If You Could Auto-Place Blockers When Caught By Pit Traps

For Example : if myPlayer = caught in Pit trap function placeBlocker(item)

The Above Code Is Obviously Wrong, I Just Typed It So You Could The Broader Idea Of How It's Gonna Be. That Specific Script Would Be Useful In All Pit Trap Situations, Since When You Get Caught, People Will Try To Surround You With Spikes. Auto placeBlocker Will Prevent That From Happening And Will Buy You Enough Time To Break From Their Pit Trap.

Noteworthy Is The Fact That This Specific Script Will Have To Look Out For Free Space (You Cant Place Blocker On Top Of Pit Trap).


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