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Tweak New Twitter

Remove algorithmic content from Twitter, hide news & trends, control which shared tweets appear on your timeline, and improve the UI

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  • v61 27.08.2022

    Twitter reverted a recent header layout change - support both versions until we know which one is going to stick

  • v60 19.08.2022

    More mobile fixes after recent Twitter changes

    • Fixed hiding the mobile "App is best!" nag on the login screen
    • Fixed hiding the "Open app" nag on mobile when viewing a tweet
    • Fixed hiding a user's total tweet count on mobile when hiding metrics
    • Fixed skipping the Explore page on mobile when using the back button on the Search page while hiding Explore page contents
  • v59 15.08.2022
    • Fixed adding the Add Muted Word menu item on desktop
    • Enabled hiding Explore page contents on desktop (enabled by default as it's algorithmic)
  • v58 11.08.2022
    • Fixed the shared tweets timeline toggle not being displayed due to Twitter layout changes
    • Fixed Explore page contents not being hidden on mobile
    • Fixed automatically switching from Home to Latest Tweets on mobile
  • v57 25.03.2022

    Added hiding the new Communities nav item (left nav on desktop, bottom nav on mobile)

  • v56 14.02.2022
    • Fixed hiding metrics and the share button in the tweeted media modal
    • Fixed uninverted Follow/Following buttons being unreadable when using one of the dark themes
  • v55 08.02.2022

    Changed the implementation of hiding "More Tweets", as a Twitter change broke the previous implementation

  • v54 26.01.2022

    Added support for hiding tweets from your followees' follows on the algorithmic ("Home") timeline

  • v53 05.12.2021

    Added support for hiding random tweets from any of your lists on the algorithmic ("Home") timeline

  • v52 26.11.2021

    Fixed dismissing the menu after the custom "Mute this conversation" menu item is used to mute QTs of a particular twee

  • v51 26.11.2021

    "Always use Latest Tweets" now works with the new tabbed timeline Twitter is introducing - Tweak New Twitter will hide the tabs and keep on keeping you on Latest Tweets.

  • v50 21.11.2021


    • "Twitter Blue" and "Twitter for Professionals" can now be hidden in the "More" menu


    • Fixed hiding "More" menu items on desktop
    • Fixed hiding the "Open app" nag when viewing a Tweet on mobile
  • v49 10.09.2021

    Fixed detection of tweets with social context (retweets etc.)
    Fixed detection of tweets which are replies

    This fixes handling of Retweets after recent Twitter markup changes

  • v48 10.09.2021

    Fixed tweet detection after a Twitter markup change

  • v47 01.09.2021


    • Removed pinning the quoted tweet on desktop when viewing Quote Tweets - recent Twitter style changes broke this and made it difficult to re-implement


    • Fixed video stopping when the Messages drawer is hidden by changing how we hide it
    • Fixed hiding the interaction bar when viewing an individual Tweet in reduced interaction mode
    • Don't display the option to hide the "Keyboard shortcuts" nav item on mobile
  • v45 25.08.2021

    Updated the 6 theme colors to match Twitter changes

  • v44 19.08.2021


    • Added muting of Quote Tweets which quote specific tweets (enabled by default)
      • When enabled, a new "Mute this conversation" item is added to the menu of Quote Tweets in the timeline
    • Added hiding of the "Help Center" (hidden by default) and "Keyboard shortcuts" items in the "More" menu


    • Fixed the position of the "Add muted word" menu item added to the "More" menu when all the other items aren't being hidden
    • Fixed an error getting the sidebar container to observe when "Full-width timeline content" is enabled
  • v43 14.08.2021


    • Uninverting Follow / Following buttons is now enabled by default
    • Added a new experiment: full-width content
      • Makes the main timeline and list timelines take up all the available layout width
      • Media & cards default to their normal size, as they take up much more vertical space when full-width, but they can also be made full-width separately


    • Uninverted "Following" buttons now follow the "Button style" option (monochrome or themed) instead of defaulting to being themed
    • Made hiding "More Tweets" when linked to a tweet a bit more aggressive


    • Fixed an error getting the element containing menus and modals, which could happen when refreshing on certain pages
    • Fixed the new Color sometimes not getting picked up when you change it in "Customize your view"
    • Fixed the current page not being re-processed if you don't use the "Use normal text font style in navigation bar" option and you change the font size in "Customize your view"
    • Fixed the border style on uninverted Following buttons
    • Reduced the amount of unnecessary re-processing of the current page due to html style changes
  • v42 13.08.2021


    • Added an option to keep showing the "Relevant people" section when hiding sidebar content


    • Fixed fast blocking being broken by recent Twitter changes
    • Added missing Bengali translation for "Shared Tweets"
  • v41 13.08.2021

    Fixed "Don't use Chirp font" not working in browsers which don't preserve unnecessary quotes in CSS font-family rules (i.e. Chrome)

  • v40 12.08.2021

    ## Added

    - Added an option to uninvert the Follow / Following buttons
    - Once uninverted, you can choose from two styles for Follow buttons:
    - Monochrome (default) matches other buttons in the new Twitter update
    - Themed uses your selected theme color, like Follow buttons used to

    ## Changed

    - Changed how we get the current theme color to a more reliable method which should work on any initial page

  • v39 12.08.2021


    • Added an option to disable use of the new Chirp font


    • You can now configure which individual metrics are hidden when using "Hide metrics" [#54]
    • Hide media when pinning the quoted tweet on "Quote Tweets" pages, and add a click handler which takes you to the original tweet

    Pinning the quoted tweet breaks the usual functionality it would have like showing media, profile hover cards, clicking to view the original tweet, etc. The point of this feature is to make more room for QT comments, so for now we'll just make it show and do the bare minimum.

  • v38 06.08.2021

    Fixed the "You might like" section appearing in the sidebar when viewing the profile of an account which has never tweeted any media

  • v37 04.08.2021

    Add compatibility for user script managers which don't implement the GM API, like Userscripts for Safari

  • v36 01.08.2021


    • New experiment: disable the home timeline when you want to waste less time on Twitter, going to Notifications or Messages by default instead


    • "Hide tweets quoting accounts you've blocked or muted" now also works for retweeted quote tweets
    • When hiding metrics, the tweet count under the username header on profile pages is now hidden


    • Sidebar content no longer re-appears when viewing a profile's followers/following page
    • The sparkle is now correctly hidden when always using Latest Tweets but not using the separate timeline for retweets or quote tweets
    • Fixed hiding the share button when viewing a individual tweet
    • Fixed the page not being reprocessed on the main timeline when changing the "Font size" setting in "Customize your view"
  • v35 29.07.2021
    • Added hiding of tweets which quote accounts you've blocked or muted
    • Added hiding of suggested topic tweets in the algorithmic "Home" timeline
  • v34 26.07.2021
    • Turn hiding share buttons and analytics links off by default
    • Hide "You might like" in sidebar when viewing a blocked account's profile
    • Hide "Suggested" on profile pages, which slides in when you follow/unfollow
  • v33 25.07.2021

    Fixed typo in detection of "replied" algorithmic tweets on Home timeline

  • v32 24.07.2021


    • Hide the share button under tweets (now hidden by default)
    • Hide the analytics links under your own tweets (now hidden by default)
    • Hide "liked" and "replied" algorithmic tweets on the Home timeline, if you use it (now hidden by default)
    • Added a new category of features in the options UI - Experiments - which are disabled by default
    • New experiment feature: hiding metrics - hides like, retweet, quote tweet and follower counts
    • New experiment feature: reduced interaction mode - hides the action bar under tweets, so replies are now the only means of interacting
    • Added "Shared Tweets" translations for all languages


    • The sparkle button on the main timeline is now hidden when always using the Latest Tweets timeline, as switching to Home will just result in you immediately getting switched back to Latest Tweets
    • Navigating away from the Retweets/separated tweets timeline and navigating back to /home without using the Home navigation link will now restore display of the Retweets/separated tweets timeline
    • Made detection of verified accounts broader so it picks up tweets which quote verified accounts
    • The theme colour is now used in the mobile timeline switcher icon


    • Fixed automatically switching to Latest Tweets on mobile
    • Fixed Greek "Quote Tweets" translation
  • v31 23.07.2021
    • Added support for all 48 of the display languages available on Twitter
    • Improved popup detection - the fast blocking and "Add muted word" menu item features are now more reliable
    • Fixed sidebar contents being displayed when you view details of likes your tweets have received
  • v30 21.07.2021

    Improved method of hiding sidebar content, no more loading indicators!

  • v29 21.07.2021
    • Added the ability to hide lesser-used items in the "More" menu
    • Added direct access to built-in "Add muted word" functionality via the "More" menu
    • Fixed the entire account switcher being hidden when the navigation menu collapses to icons
    • Fixed detection of popups no longer working after changing the background color setting
  • v28 17.07.2021


    • Quote Tweets can now be hidden or moved to a separate timeline
    • Improve the Quote Tweets page (viewing an individual tweet's QTs) by pinning the quoted tweet to the top instead of duplicating it in every tweet


    • Fixed the script not working on the current page after changing the theme or background color in the "Customise your view" dialog
    • Fixed hiding the algorithmic "More tweets" section when an individual tweet is viewed via certain internal links
    • When hiding the account switcher, leave the ellipsis menu button visible, as it's the only way to log out
  • v27 25.03.2021

    Fixed the entire sidebar being hidden when hideSidebarContent is enabled (on by default)

  • v26 17.07.2020 Made the Hide "More Tweets" feature less janky - tweets from external links now immediately switch to the full thread view
  • v25 17.07.2020 New feature: Hide the "More Tweets" section when viewing an individual tweet from an external link; fixed the Verified Accounts feature on profile pages when it's the only timeline feature enabled
  • v24 16.07.2020 New optional feature: hide tweets by or quoting verified accounts, or highlight them if you want to check how much of your timeline content is driven by verified accounts
  • v23 09.07.2020 Fixed conflict with the separate retweets feature and Twitter's new 'Retweets and comments' feature
  • v22 24.06.2020 Added hiding of the account switcher
  • v21 20.06.2020 Added hiding the Messages drawer
  • v20 11.06.2020 Fix the divider above headings not being hidden; Fix retweets being hidden when configured to ignore them
  • v19 02.06.2020 Fixed a case-sensitivity bug checking if the current page title is for a user profile
  • v18 02.06.2020 Added fast blocking; "Who To Follow" etc sections are now also hidden on user profile pages
  • v17 13.05.2020 Fixed staying on the Retweets timeline when the user opens and closes the "Send via Direct Message" and compose Tweet dialogs.
  • v16 08.04.2020 tade hiding of headered sections embedded in the timline a bit more aggressive - this fixes hiding the divider between "Who to follow" sections and subsequent tweets. This also hides "Follow some Topics" sections
  • v15 07.04.2020 Made hiding "Who to follow" in the timeline an option (default: true); fixed hiding the divider element immediately following "Who to follow"
  • v14 07.04.2020 Now stays on the Retweets timeline when notification counts in the title change; added support for clicking the Home nav item to return from Retweets to the main timeline
  • v13 06.04.2020 - Added support for use on - Hide "Who To Follow" section in the main timeline - Fixed staying on the Retweets timeline when viewing a photo or using "Customize your view" - Fixed detection of promoted tweets
  • v12 04.04.2020 Now ignores any leading notification count in the page title - this was breaking current page detection.
  • v11 04.04.2020 Twitter reverted to their old timeline rendering - attempting to support both for now

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