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ppixiv for Pixiv

Better Pixiv viewing | Fullscreen images | Faster searching | Bigger thumbnails | Download ugoira MKV | Ugoira seek bar | Download manga ZIP | One-click like, bookmark, follow | One-click zoom and pan | Light and dark themes

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This user script improves viewing illustrations on Pixiv. This can be used with TamperMonkey and GreaseMonkey in Firefox and Chrome.



  • Images are enlarged by default (no extra click to zoom images every time).
  • One-click bookmarks and following.
  • Download ugoira as an MKV.
  • Download manga pages as a ZIP.
  • Navigate search results with the mouse wheel or keyboard (pgup, pgdn).
  • Background image loading for fast navigation.
  • Pause, rewind and frame advance videos.
  • Light and dark theme.
  • Faster ugoira loading.
  • Better scaling for pixel art images (ドット絵).

When viewing an image:

  • Hover the top-left of the window to see the UI.
  • Click to zoom, and drag to pan around.
  • Click videos to pause and unpause (or press space).
  • Click the thumbnail icon to switch to the result list (or press escape).
  • Mouse wheel switches to the next/previous image.
  • Press b to quick bookmark, B to bookmark privately, and v to like.

Other stuff:

  • Click the Pixiv icon in any page to view the regular page, and click the Pp icon in the corner to come back.
  • When viewing an image: Page down: move to the next image Page up: move to the previous image Home: jump to the first manga page End: jump to the last manga page (useful to skip past very long posts)
  • When playing a video: Home: rewind Left/Right: frame advance 123456789: Change playback speed. 5 is normal speed, 1-4 play in slow motion, and 6...9 speed the video up.
  • Tabs displaying a followed user have a yellow star in the icon. Bookmarked images show a star in the title text.

These pages are supported:

  • Illustration viewing
  • Artist work listings
  • Viewing bookmarks
  • Viewing followed users
  • Recommended works
  • Related works
  • New following posts
  • Searching
  • Rankings