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WME Place tools

Add some buttons on different places. That makes some actions more easy to be done

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Version 0.9
Add : category filtering in places tools tab : 0.9b1
Add : translations FR, EN, CS (thx Zirland) : 0.9b4
Add : simple venue layer activation, toggle the on-off checkbox (user request) : 0.9b2
Fix : bug with chrome (thx zirland who found it) : 0.9b4
Fix : bug in hide venue filtering on chrome (thx DummyD2) : 0.9b1
Improvement : Extend none and all buttons functionalities (only cat filter ability) : 0.9b2
Improvement : reset buttons (filter and defaults) now performs cat reset : 0.9b2
Update : Other/RESIDENCE_HOME -> point (do not represent before) (28/07/2014) : 0.9b2

Version 0.8
Add : blue pin; point misused main category instead of category
Add : new area colouring : blue border, red background : unnamed parking lot
Add : what to do on a problematic pin or area (validator style).
Add : 2 default buttons to fix unnamed parking lot
Fix : bug in venues acquisition (thx DummyD2)
Fix : bug in chrome venues (thx DummyD2)

Version 0.7
Add : livemap colouration style on/off (on by default)
Fix : script crash on untranslated venues (thx tkr85)

Version 0.6
Fix : 2 bugs in tab options
Fix : bug in coloration rules(thx PHIL-IP63)

Version 0.5
Add : area general highlight inspired from livemap
Improvement : better system detection on WME changes

Version 0.4
- Add : detect changes in venue definitions (new one added by waze)
- Add : venue type selection depending on venue size
- Fix : bug in definitions
- Update : Hôpital / Centre médical :: from area to both

Version 0.3.1
- fix : bug selection (once again :/)

Version 0.3
- add : red pin for incorrect pin usage
- fix : bug selection, thx to DummyD2

Version 0.2.1
- update : changed the misused main category. from red to blue

Version 0.2
- Add : colouring venue (areas) according to the wiki recommendations.
- Fix : some bug and non senses

Version 0.1
- First release