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WME True Segment Length

Displays geodesic segment length in feet & meters

Ниже показаны версии этого скрипта, в которых изменялся код. Показать все версии.

  • v2018.12.12.01
  • v2018.09.04.01
  • v2018.04.10.01
  • v2018.02.22.01
  • v2018.01.25.01
  • v2017.12.10.01
  • v2017.11.18.01
  • v0.7 - URL compatibility
  • v0.6 - Only displaying both imperial and metric if in the USA.
  • v0.5 - Displaying segment length for unsaved segments.
  • v0.4 - Fixed a bug where using the Speed Limit script would cause this script to continuously add lengths to the panel
  • v0.3 - Detects when changes are done to a segment and updates the length based upon the new geometry. When there are pending changes that affect the segment length, the values will display bold.
  • v0.2 - Only attempting to update the length when we are able to calculate a new length (i.e. - something other than a segment was not selected)
  • v0.1
  • v0.1