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Создано: 06.04.2019
Отредактировано: 17.04.2019

coin hive

i use RU AdList JS Fixes 20190317.7

and it add coinhive on all pages



Lain inVerseАвтор
Создано: 17.04.2019
Отредактировано: 18.04.2019

Oh, great, one report from someone who have no idea what's going on and didn't want to check, one guy from administration who didn't even care to check actual script either and done. Deleted.

@JasonBarnabe my script doesn't contain a miner. It even passed re-check from one antivirus which got it flagged as a miner. The thing it contains is a stub code which pretends to be CoinHive miner's API and injects this stub on every page, but it does nothing. Any call to it results in empty function except on one domain (link-shortening service owned likely by CoinHive itself) which actually does check were something mined or not. In that case I'm using a wrapper which changes parameters used by their miner which they are running to less aggressive.

To put it simple there are NO miner code. So, could you pleace check and restore my script? There never were and as long as I maintain this script never would be miners or malicious code.

I've undeleted the script since it obviously has no miner.

@"Lain inVerse" you should add some info on the wrapper in the in script's description. It might be also useful if you can add a config UI to your script which would be shown inside the Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey's popup so the users can customize it.

@wOxxOm thanks!

Ok, I'll update description regarding this. Makes sense. It's second time someone reports it for miner (and first time it got deleted).

Not sure about the configuration. As I know receiving/setting configuration values uses async API and my script is supposed to run before scripts on the page as fast as possible to be able to intercept them. Async call may postpone execution. I'll try to look into it at least for CoinHive stub and a few other features, though.

In Tampermonkey the storage is still synchronous.

Sorry about that. To avoid confusion in the future, please try to respond to threads like these withinin a couple days.

@JasonBarnabe, the response is here, it was posted the same day.

Authors probably should've said a few words in English, since this topic is in English.


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