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Adds handy links to top-menu, footer and inner-pages

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<< Adds handy links to top-menu and footer >>

This scripts adds links pointing to pages and threads that unfortunately are hidden or buried in the forums. It's very simple since I have little idea on how to make userscripts... it's just a convenience add-on with shortcuts.

It will add elements in these menu/places:

Giveaways Menu

  • Hidden Giveaways
  • Bundle List
  • Wishlist
  • Recommended
  • Group and Whitelist
  • New
  • Region Restricted

Discussions Menu

  • Find User by Steam ID
  • How to Check Your GA Winners
  • List of All CV Levels
  • Master List of Ongoing Bundles #2
  • SG Add-ons Registry #2

Support Menu

  • Real Contributor Value
  • Non Activated Wins
  • Multiple Wins
  • List of Last Bundled Games

Help Menu

  • Change Log

User Menu

  • Whitelist
  • Blacklist

Footer Links

  • Regions
  • SteamGifts Group


1.6.4 - added DLC category; purged old thread links in discussions. 1.6.3 - added Change log button under Help menu. 1.6.2 - removed faq drop-down menu and extra buttons (added by default on steamgifts). 1.6.1 - updated bundles thread url. 1.6 - added "sg-bookmarks" to discussions menu; added author name to discussions items. 1.5.5 - changed add-on registry url (new thread). 1.5.4 - added "region restricted" category to giveaways menu. 1.5.3 - added "recommended" category to giveaways menu; reordered categories in giveaways menu. 1.5.2 - fixed script for https protocol. 1.5.1 - added "Master List of Ongoing Bundles" button; changed how elements are inserted (won't conflict with other scripts); changed css so it uses colors/backgrounds from sg styles (or any other userstyle than injects them); fixed FAQ-button and FAQ-dropdown-menu borders. 1.4.2 - fixed menu position after SG update. 1.4.1 - removed user list from FAQ menu (it's on the footer). 1.4 - added giveaway filters under giveaway menu; updated sgtools links with new domain. 1.3.3 - fixed FAQ dropdown menu conflict. 1.3.2 - fixed discussion link name. 1.3.1 - added How to Check Your GA Winners under Discussions. 1.3 - added drop-down menu to the FAQ button; moved User List to FAQ; added Guidelines and Comment Formatting under FAQ. 1.2 - added SGTools under Support; added Guide to Winning under Discussions; added User List under User Menu. 1.1.2 - fixed an issue with color tags. 1.1.1 - added SG Group to the footer.