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Downloading seems to be broken

Скрипт: Vk Media Downloader

I think VK very recently pushed an update that breaks downloading of music,
I have tried downloading mp3's with several download plugins. (MediaSafe, Safefrom.net, VK Music Downloader)

Either nothing happens/shows up when trying to download or i get this mp3 with some russian message

With your plugin nothing seems to happen, the download button does show up but there is no information shown
Playing music in the browser works fine.

I also tested with a vpn set to russia but the results are the same
3 days ago i was able to download music without any problems, so i really think they updated something.


  • отредактировано April 2019 [?]

    Please, send me your logs. See instruction at bottom of the script description.
    Tooltip styles are broken, but I can still download music and video.
    UPD. Fixed styles, see v2.1.10

  • hovering and clicking on download
    i used const DEBUG = 13

    [+] MutationObserver() -> .audio_row__actions 1555619418284 2019-04-18T20:30:18.284Z
    [+] audioIconClick()
    [+] AUDIO_LIST.download() -> id: 2000335800_456242234

  • отредактировано April 2019 [?]

    I have reinstalled my browser and plugin but i have the same issue
    i use opera btw

  • I can't help you, if you don't make screenshots of all logs.

  • i couldn't upload the screenshots here so here's another link

  • Still can't help you because you uploaded not all logs.
    In order to view all console logs scroll up / down the development console.

  • I thought only that part was where the log started
    I have posted a new log on the same link

  • It seems you forgot to click download button.
    Please, upgrade the script to v2.1.11, set DEBUG = 13

  • i have recorded a video of it with a log

  • I've added one more logger
    Please, upgrade the script to v2.1.12, and set DEBUG = 29

  • Released new version v2.1.13
    Hope it helps to fix your issue

  • Unfortunately i get the same error
    This is with the latest version and DEBUG = 29

  • the download button does not work when I click. An undefined warning appears

  • I'm from South America Peru

  • Same here buddies

  • Give this plugin a try, it's working for me
    VK Downloader from: Ulya
    you can find it in the chrome web store

  • Updated the script, v2.1.14
    In older versions audio data were loaded within audio tooltip. And I don't know why, but for some reason audio tooltip doesn't open in your case.
    In this version I've made audio data to load separately from tooltip. Thus even if tooltip is broken, you'll be able to download music, I hope.

  • it seems to work now, when you download something you get a zip file

  • If I download a .zip file as I do so that I can download it in .mp3 format

  • You can convert .zip to .mp3, or download .mp3 file directly

    Download mp3 directly

    just set const DOWNLOAD_TS = false, but in that case audio may contain sound distortions.

    Convert zip to mp3

    Zip archive contains fragments of mp3 (or mp4) file.
    Steps to convert .zip to .mp3:

    1. unzip the archive
    2. in the uzipped folder run generate.mp3.bat (for Windows), or generate.mp3.sh (for Linux, MacOS)

    These generate.mp3.[bat|sh] scripts use ffmpeg to concatenate fragments into a single mp3 file. So you must install ffmpeg to make these scripts work.

    Convert zip to mp4

    The same for .zip to .mp4 convertion: simply run generate.mp4.[bat|sh]

  • UPD
    the script version v2.1.16

    Download mp3 directly

    From now on, while Vk team does not fix it, you can download mp3 files directly. This script simply changes the user-agent header of the ajax requests to the ones that Edge browser has, and this is all the trick.

  • Thank you, now it works properly

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