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Need help with a simple script to block user submissions on web forum

Hi there,

I use a web forum website that has a lot of users. Some of them are... very annoying let's say.

I want to be able to have my browser check to see if a submission is created by an annoying user and then to omit that submission from display on my browser.

I'm willing to do most of the work on the project. I'm not asking for somebody to create the script for me just for some pointers to get me started.

It's very unclear to me how the website displays the usernames in it's code because the entries for usernames occur in a different section than the actual submission content itself. So my confusion is how exactly do I communicate to grease monkey what users to filter out and which submissions go with them.

I don't want to use the website API's which can reference a blocked user function that is half-way developed and doesn't really work properly. I want this script to be local to my browser only, not messing around with any key hashes or anything like that.

How do I get started on this project? I would prefer to not involve the website itself or name it in this post. The reason for that is I think the block feature is half-assed on purpose and the site owner doesn't want people to be able to really block users. But that doesn't work for me.


  • Such script(s) should already exist for various forums so start by finding those and try to build on that.

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