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the download button does not work when I click

Скрипт: Vk Media Downloader

the download button does not work when I click. An undefined warning appears


  • I'm from South America Peru

  • Give this plugin a try, it's working for me
    VK Downloader from: Ulya
    you can find it in the chrome web store

  • Updated the script, v2.1.14
    See the comment:

    Updated the script, v2.1.14
    In older versions audio data were loaded within audio tooltip. And I don't know why, but for some reason audio tooltip doesn't open in your case.
    In this version I've made audio data to load separately from tooltip. Thus even if tooltip is broken, you'll be able to download music, I hope.

  • thank you very much brother now if it works

  • If I download a .zip file as I do so that I can download it in .mp3 format

  • See the comment:

    You can convert .zip to .mp3, or download .mp3 file directly

    Download mp3 directly

    just set const DOWNLOAD_TS = false, but in that case audio may contain sound distortions.

    Convert zip to mp3

    Zip archive contains fragments of mp3 (or mp4) file.
    Steps to convert .zip to .mp3:

    1. unzip the archive
    2. in the uzipped folder run generate.mp3.bat (for Windows), or generate.mp3.sh (for Linux, MacOS)

    These generate.mp3.[bat|sh] scripts use ffmpeg to concatenate fragments into a single mp3 file. So you must install ffmpeg to make these scripts work.

    Convert zip to mp4

    The same for .zip to .mp4 convertion: simply run generate.mp4.[bat|sh]

  • from the comment:

    the script version v2.1.16

    Download mp3 directly

    From now on, while Vk team does not fix it, you can download mp3 files directly. This script simply changes the user-agent header of the ajax requests to the ones that Edge browser has, and this is all the trick.

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