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Linked Item - Chat/Telegram Bug

Скрипт: TW Inventory Reloaded
отредактировано 8 Aug Раздел: Обсуждения скриптов [?]

After the last update, the chat messages that have linked items became invisible to the users of the Script.

I think it's related with Market Prices thing of Linked items in chat but not so sure.


  • Now can't open Telegrams that have linked items as well.

  • Both issues reappeared with the last Update, rip

  • Can you send me screenshot or console log? I will take a look into it.

  • отредактировано 10 Aug [?]

    Sorry for not being able to provide you a console log (not that I know "how" :P) in time.

    Anyways, I can open telegrams and chat messages which have Linked items are visible now, thanks a lot for that!

    Lots of item links somehow were/are changed to this, in Telegrams, Chat and Forum.

    Ps. It seems Upgraded items don't have the issue.

  • Well, I see this for the first time. What scripts do you have?

  • отредактировано 10 Aug [?]

    first for me as well
    all scripts i have: http://prntscr.com/or1ggv

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