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Plz can we all look over scripts and make sure there correct and or accurate.

many a time have i downloaded scripts and they are incorrect or are not working can we as a community plz try and look over theses scripts and help to improve them.
And also it is my belief that We should have a selection or good script makers who go over a script when multiple comments about the scripts actual code and or if it actually does the job intended.I think i can speak for many a people who have downloaded a poor script that has clearly be made by rookie who cannot code.
1ST>that code be 1st checked by the general community as a whole.
2ND>then if issues have been raised but community cannot fix theses or cant offer any help.>>>
some select "moderaters " endorsed by the website check over the code its self.(these people should have a good knowledge about code on there specific area and or game,ETC.)
3RD>Then if the "moderaters" and the community combined cannot help give advice to help the issue or fix the script,it should then be removed and the writer notified of why there script has been removed,hopefully prompting a response and or action from the creater of the removed script.
Kind regards and much thxs


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    It's unrealistic. It's a super huge effort that doesn't pay off because to have a meaningful effect it would need to be performed on a daily basis. Imagine the cost to maintain a team of knowledgeable developers. And of course no one who has a life would do that for free. Even Google/Apple/Microsoft fail to check the vast majority of the apps in their web stores (they probably invest more effort in checking the popular apps rather than going for the total amount of apps checked).

    The mods here catch only the most obvious fraudulent/bad scripts. Or the ones that were reported by users. You can report the script you found using the feedback section on the script's page.
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