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Issue with the script starting

Скрипт: E-H Visited
отредактировано 24 Mar Раздел: Обсуждения скриптов [?]

The script starts only sometimes for me and going from page to page will cause it to disappear. As well as sometimes going into a gallery then back to the index from within the gallery will cause it to load and highlight the visisted. In the console I am getting "I don't know what view mode this is!" in the console while sitting in Thumbnail mode, I flipped through all 4 modes just to check and that prior message appears every time for me. Currently this script is the only one I have running on the site.

Are there any steps I could do to produce a more indepth log to make this bug report better?

Edit: After reading another's post it appears something in going from 2.3 to 2.4 broke it. Downgrading to 2.3 and its functioning as expected


  • отредактировано 24 Mar [?]

    2.5 rolls back some changes from 2.4 and should work again.

    It sounds a lot like the script was firing before the page was ready, thanks for reporting.
    Hopefully I can fix the issues 2.4 was addressing in another way.

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