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Suggestions for new feautures

Скрипт: TW Inventory Reloaded

Hi! Italian players really love your script, congratulations!

Here a few ideas about new feautures\little changes. No idea if alla are doable or not. Thanks for reading!

-Add a small calculator that show equipment to maximize some bonuses: MAX HP, MAX Regeneration, MAX Speed, MAX product drop, MAX luck, MAX money from jobs, etc (forts things too)
-When the game start and so the script run, delay the MarketWatcher feauture start for few minutes: because when there are events like now Valentines, players want to send hearts and too often the game crashes. I think you could add 2 options under preferences: Start MarketWatcher after XX minutes; Run MarketWatcher every XX minutes (with a min CAP).
-Add a button to automatically add the missing items of a set in the MarketWatcher list (could be a little button in the set list near the one with missing items)
-Add an alert somewhere (you can enable or disable it from preferences) if you have unopened items in the inventory of some categories: bonds items, event items (hearts etc), money items, nuggets items (only the bag in this category). Maybe allow players also to select the category they want the alert.
-Add an option to automatically hide the items you cannot wear (like different gender or higher level required or different class etc)
-Some items are not correctly sorted in the inventory (like those items added later the level 120 CAP), sort the items correctly not by ID but with an intelligent way (first "normal items" you can drop\buy from shops, then sets; also for same type of items they should be all togheter, this not happen always, for example if they added new color or a type of item often they are sorted later)
-Some players would like to have a category only for saddles and product items part of sets (I think there is already something very similar to that: the equipment category, the next to animal; maybe would be sufficient add a sub-category here)
-It seems that if you search for a specific skill, like "leadership" the game answer all the items with this skill but without the ones with "per level" skill, would be great "fix" this thing using the script.
-Implement in the script a chest analyze, an event analyze and a job analyze (similar to the one of TW-DB script but directly implemented in the inventory reloaded)
-Implement directly in this script the multiple-chest opening
-A player suggest to link the avatar generator in the inventory in the top left side (so near the left part of inventory) to join the personalize things of the player closer (inventory+avatar)
-New sub-category: avatar parts


  • -New sub-category: avatar parts


  • отредактировано April 2019 [?]

    Feedbacks for last builds:

    -List of item set: allow to sort them not only like now alphabetical but also by completed not completed (and maybe show\not show the completed), items auctionable not auctionable, clothes\guns.

    -New fort topic feauture: often our players link the strategy from westforts. The link is not recognized and so not clickable in the fort overview. Is it possible to fix?

    -It seems that 2.151 make issues with adventures. Players can see only the chat but not the map and the action bar.

    -Allow to see the changelog somewhere (the one that appear in the chat)

    -NPC list: in this moment it shows only the available NPCs, would be nice add a setting where players can select to show all NPCs or not like now. Also another setting to automatically add a travel to them like for the hotels\forts.

    -List on the market watcher: allow to copy the list in bb-codes for telegrams\forums.

    -Sometimes the list of set is buggy about "completed" or not: I think it makes errors if you have a same kind of item upgraded and not. For example for Wyatt Earp set, it is marked as completed on my own character but it's wrong: I don't have the body item, instead I have an hat at level 0 and another one at level 1

    Thank you

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