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Audio button only download m3u8! Video works Perfectly!

Скрипт: Vk Media Downloader

Audio download button now can only download the m3u8 file but not the original mp3 file. I thought the vk.com developer is changing their code on audio streaming. Any good idea on how to use the m3u8 file to download the mp3 file? Or update the script?


  • I think vk.com developers changed their code to send m3u8 file (instead of mp3) to Mac OS users.

    m3u8 is a playlist-file extension of HLS (Hypertest Live Streaming) media format, originally developed by Apple. And HTML5 Media Element of MacOS and iOS devices can natively play m3u8 playlist-files.

    You can use VLC Player to save m3u8 playlist as mp3 file

  • Fixed, see v1.2.0-beta.1.1
    Now this script is capabale to download m3u8 files as mp3.

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