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Need a script that enters a URL into the browser, then increases it by 1 each time

Hello! I'm looking for a script that will enter a URL and then add another number onto the end of the url in numerical order.

For example, the script wants to work on www.example.com/data/0

I'd like the script to be able to take the above and then visit


and then continue all the way up to


and further beyond.

Does a script like this already exist out there?


  • Try something like this, where pressing 'n' on your keyboard should load the next page.

    let path = document.location.pathname;
    let currentNum = parseInt(path.substring("/data/".length), 10);
    document.addEventListener('keypress', (event) => {
      if (event.key == 'n')
  • An alternative regex-based solution.

    addEventListener('keypress', ({key:key}) => {
      if ('n' === key)
        location = location.toString().replace(/(data\/)(\d+)/, (wholeString,prefix,number)=>prefix+ ++number)
  • There're bookmarklets that'll increment & decrement - "Increases/Decreases the last number in the URL by 1":

    Assign the bookmarklet to a bookmark, and you got a manual url adjuster.

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