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Script Request Sliver.tv auto bet placer

Hello there. Sliver.tv (if you didnt already know) is a site where people watch live streamers play games. While the streamer is playing any registered person can place in bets of what the streamer will do. So here is the request. Can you make a bot where it automatic places the bet for "no" if the bet has that option? If so it would be much appreciated. Thank You

Here is the site.



  • отредактировано July 2018 Chrome


  • отредактировано July 2018 Chrome


  • hey i wrote something place bet for YES , NO , Defeat , Victory , Teams and etc...

    require chrome , VMware machine(or your afk pc) , some chrome addons

    script rotate between all channels and place bet for whole things

    if you wanna talk to me just send me PM

    im selling script for 50$ and i can record screen if you wanna see how script works

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