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Missing translation

On the german version of the own profile page the item Delete account is not translated, the other items are.

Should be Konto löschen.


  • I have made the UI around user deletion translatable just now. You can contribute translations at https://www.transifex.com/greasy-fork/greasy-fork/languages/ . Thanks.
  • I translated a bunch of untranslated stuff but can't find the "Delete account" nor other profile menu options like "Anmeldeverfahren bearbeiten".


  • It updates automatically once a day. I have manually updated it, so you should see the new strings now.
  • отредактировано February 2018 Firefox
    Thanks, after your post it worked.

    I wanted to finish it 100% but just now I can't save any more translations (still 16 untranslated). The button is greyed out and for some strings there is a choice "1" or "other" in the editor.
    Maybe something went wrong with the following automatic update?

    Hmm, seems to be an automatic function because I didn't obey all "glossary translations". But I can't always use them, as the german language needs different suffixes or the glossary translation is used wrong like "e-mail" using as a verb, which is not possible in german.

    Another example: "post" is defined as "veröffentlichen", but I need "veröffentliche"
  • When you see "1" or "other", that's cases where you need to provide multiple translations based on the number of items being discussed. For example, in English it could be:

    one: %{count} script
    other: %{count} scripts
  • Ah that was the culprit. I'll continue translating to the best of my knowledge.
  • Translations ready, although there are 12 strings with warnings because of the mentioned suffix-problem of glossary terms.
  • I've deployed your changes. Thanks again!
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