Update for the new worker site

Скрипт: Mturk Engine (Lite)
Worked well, but since the move to the new worker site, the script doesn't work anymore. Can this be updated?


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    Hi Sarah Lang. Mturk Engine has been updated to work with the new site. Follow the following instructions to move your data over:

    Migrating from the old site.

    1. Navigate to https://www.mturk.com/?mturkengine
    2. Click "Save Backup" in the "Settings Tab"
    3. Navigate to the new site: https://worker.mturk.com/?mturkengine
    4. Upload your backup.
  • I can't seem to access the old engine at all even with the doNotRedirect ending. Is there another way around that?
  • Amazon decided to no longer let us use the doNotRedirect url to reach the old site. The new URL for www.mturk.com is https://www.mturk.com/?mturkengine Hope that works.
  • The link works fine but there is no way to sign in to the old site. So it doesn't (at this time) seem to work.
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