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Craigslist - script to view your ad's Manage page

отредактировано November 2014 Раздел: Запросы на создание скриптов Firefox
On Craigslist, if you go to your ad listings on your account page, you use to be able to click the item title which would take you to a manage page for the ad. And this URL could be right or middle clicked to open the page in a new tab. A week or so ago, they changed this and now the link just goes to a regular page for the ad as anyone would see it. FYI I do know about the Edit link, but I want the manage page. Also you can't middle/right click the Edit link (or Delete, etc) in Firefox, to open in a new tab.
You can still get to the manage page for the ad if you type it manually, so want a script to do that.

I need to take a URL like this (as you get when click on the ad title now on your account page):
The "for" is the category the item is listed in (General, Electronics, etc), so it can change, and of course the #'s change for each ad.
And I just need to take the number from that URL and add it to this URL (as I did here):
Looking at the HTML, the plain "manage" URL for each ad is there, it's just not available on the webpage.
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