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Personalize about:blank page in Firefox

I'd like to create a script to add a simple div in the about:blank page in Firefox, to add a loader like this: http://tobiasahlin.com/spinkit/

I'm not able to create scripts, only to modify them, so I ask if you can please create this simple one, basically I just need a div or two inside the body of about:blank in Firefox, then I could style it myself. Thanks.


  • This should give you something to start with.

    // ==UserScript== // @name testAboutBlank // @namespace YourNameSpace // @include about:blank // @version 1 // @grant GM_addStyle // ==/UserScript== // Styles GM_addStyle('#myID{width:100px; margin:auto; background-color:aqua; text-align:center;}'); GM_addStyle('#container{width:100%;}'); var el = document.createElement('div'); el.id = "myID"; var elCont = document.createElement('div'); elCont.id = "container"; var h = document.createElement("H1") var t = document.createTextNode("Hej!"); h.appendChild(t); el.appendChild(h); elCont.appendChild(el); document.body.appendChild(elCont);
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