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YouTube stop autoplay

YouTube stop autoplay

Anybody knows of a script that would stop youtube tabs from playing? I don't mean the playlist/related autoplay, i mean when you load a YT tab, it starts playing right away. I used a nice script (I think it was called YouTube Fix or something like that) but it's no longer working and can't find anything here that does or sounds like it could.
Any suggestions?
Oh, great, thank you very much! Is there a way to stop also those embedded small players you see on channel pages? Like this, for instance.

Updated to support channel pages [1] and user pages [2].

Thanks, we crossed paths, i rated while you posted. Installed 0.2 but don't see it working. I restarted after update, had 5 YT tabs, 2 with those channel pages and 1 was the last tab in the tabbar and was in focus while loading. They all started playing as soon as they loaded.
I don't know if it makes any difference but i had to install YT Flash Player ext. 'cause i'm using Fx nightly and HTML5 was getting screwy on YT lately. So, as i said, i don't know if this has anything to do with the script working but it doesn't seem to be working.

Well, I only think on HTML5 when I made this script. It is for sure that doesn't work on Flash version. I tested with Firefox (45.0.1) + GreaseMonkey (2.0.14) and with Chrome (49.0.2623.87) + TamperMonkey (3.12.58). Works for me on both cases. Yes, "work" in cursive, or with an asterisk. Sorry. I found an issue: it doesn't work when follow a link on Youtube. I don't know what is the problem. I don't see it before updating. If you open a new link (outside Youtube), or type or paste it in the address bar; it works. If you are inside Youtube and click a link or reloads; doesn't work. I think this is related with the way that Youtube reloads the content, or with the MutationObserver object that I used in the code. I never used before. I am still learning. Maybe someone can help us.

Thanks! It did work before the update ... i'm pretty sure it did. I just installed it again and it does work. I think i'll stick to it for now, maybe somebody else will be able to help us. Thank you very much anyway!

EDIT: Just reinstalled v0.2 and it's working (with HTML5). Well, i guess i can switch to flash as needed but in the mean time the script IS working, thanks again!

LOL what a sillyness I am doing ? We have to think big ! Bigger script, more options... YouTube + has almost all.

Yeah, i saw that one, it's good but i can't justify using it if all i need is 1% of its options
Thanks anyway! At the end, i might have to use it.


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