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Recuperare energie eRep

Recuperare energie pentru eRebuglik

La data de 09-12-2017. Vezi ultima versiune.

Acestea sunt versiunile scriptului în care codul a fost actualizat. Arată toate versiunile.

  • v2.0 10-06-2020 minor polish
  • v1.9 09-12-2017 added an extra foodAvailable condition for the game pages without the left column
  • v1.8 12-06-2017 fixed the battlefield energy recovery - there are two energy counters on the battlefield; made the script read the last one
  • v1.7 24-04-2017 simplified the energy recovery; eRep will only try to load what it can, so the energy recovery can be triggered as soon as you have at least 2 energy units - just buy Q1 food :)
  • v1.6 12-04-2017 added more safety checks for proper energy values
  • v1.5 12-04-2017 stop depending on the "erepublik" object
  • v1.4 04-04-2017 simplified the energy recovery: it will recover it only when all the recoverable energy can be recovered (even number), so the game won't ask if you want to waste food to recover 1 energy
  • v1.3 27-03-2017 small bugfix - can't rely on erepublik.citizen.energyToRecover because it doesn't update to reflect the real value
  • v1.2 27-03-2017 updated the script to avoid feeding when you would partially waste food (new eRep weekly challenge)
  • v1.1 04-12-2016 added the inactivity reset function to handle in-game actions (mouse/keyboard)
  • v1.0 04-12-2016