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Quizlet Show Hidden Flashcards

Show the hidden flashcards and the first explanation in Quizlet without logging in.

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How to Install scripts? (Click here)

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By default Quizlet only shows 10 flashcards, but with the script you can see all flashcards in the set/page.

Scroll the page down a little bit and wait the script work (it takes less than 1 second), and when the script finishes it's job it will automatically scroll the page up for you.

This script also works on Kiwi Browser.

List of OPTIONAL Features:

1 Disable the Reading function on flashcards.
2 Remove the :
Top menu
Stick footer banner
Sign Up Box and the white overlay above this box,
User name that created the quiz,
Big flashcards box
Related questions below all the cards
Title of the cards set
Study/play columns below the big flash cars box
Ads in between card rows
Star and voice buttons
Wants to learn this set quickly? question box below all card rows
"Save time with an expert" message

*On the beginning of the script codes you will see this

var DisableReading = true; //If true the Reading function will be disabled
var RemoveNeedlessThings = true; //If true the Needless Things will be removed

By default all optional features are enabled, to disable them just replace true with false on DisableReading and/or on RemoveNeedlessThings.
Example: (if you want to disable all OPTIONAL features.)

var DisableReading = false; //If true the Reading function will be disabled
var RemoveNeedlessThings = false; //If true the Needless Things will be removed

*If both of them are true the star and voice buttons will be replaced with the number of the current flashcard row.