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Instagram - browse not logged

Remove message and popup. Unlock all links on the page.

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This script inserts a stylesheet to hide the small non-blocking "login" dialog, and the "login to continue" blocking dialog.

It checks every link on the page, as well as the ones added when scrolling down. And fixes all these links so you can click on them without having to use the right-click menu "Open link in a new tab".
Left-click and CTRL + Left-click now work as expected.
Unfortunately, "stories" and "tagged" links can't be unlocked. While for other links, a script locks them, in this particular case the content is not even sent to you browser if you're not logged in.

If this script doesn't work for you (I don't know if everyone receives the same page layout), please post a feedback message and I'll fix the issue.

For more userscripts, styles, extensions, tips, ..., visit my programming page.

2020/05/13 - v0.2: updated style to prevent the dialog from being visible for a very short moment (<1s)

2020/06/12 - v0.2.1: small update to the stylesheet to only hide the login dialog, and allow displaying the "..." menu dialog. If it breaks something, please post here and I'll undo the modification.