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MouseHunt - Favorite Setups

Unlimited custom favorite trap setups!

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Your favorite feature from the MouseHunt mobile app makes it way to the browser in this snazzy new userscript!

Click any setup-changing box (cheese, base, weapon, charm) to automatically import your currently owned items. Create your desired setup via the dropdowns (or import your current items in), give it a name, save, and hit 'Arm!'


  • Hover over item thumbnails to see their names (long press on mobile)
  • Quickly jump to a setup via the dropdown selector
  • Drag & drop setup rows to reorder them (remember to hit 'Save Sort Order') [PC only at this time]
  • Drag the popup title to reposition the main UI [PC only at this time]
  • Right click the link/button to toggle placement between the banner and TEM areas
  • Note: You must double click dropdowns in Firefox Desktop for them to properly show up

Upcoming features include:

  • Ability to tag setups with location names (which are then matched with your current location and brought to the top)
  • Ability to import/export your list of saved setups (possibly to Dropbox or Pastebin)
  • Mobile UX for drag & drop reordering (if technically feasible)
  • Improved UX for bulk reordering/grouping
  • Quick undo
  • Note: Skin support is on hold due to tricky implementation and weak use case

Please report any bugs on my MH Tools forum thread or @tsitu#7470 in the #community-tools channel on the Discord server (invite link)