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Iwara Custom Sort

Automatically sort teaser images on /videos, /images, /subscriptions, /users, /playlist, and sidebars using customizable sort function. Can load and sort multiple pages at once.

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Can load multiple pages at once, additional teasers will be dynamically loaded to the page with the sorted order
, and the pagination links at the bottom of a page will change their URL and presentation accordingly.

Can be used together with "Iwara Extension Script", another userscript.

Spicify the custom sort value in the textbox next to the sort button, with following variables (and everything in javascript) available:
index (0 ~ (n-1) for 1st to nth teaser in the initial order before sorting)
views (再生数)
ratio (likes/views)
gallery (1 if it's a gallery of multiple images, 0 if not)
image (1 if it's an image (including galleries), 0 if not)
private (1 if it's privated, 0 if not)

For example, the default value is '(ratio / (private * 2.0 + 1) + Math.log(likes) / 250) / (image + 8.0)'
Math.log is a javascript built-in logarithm function.

Click the "default" button to restore the default value of textbox.

Use '-index' to restore the initial order before any sorting.

The script will remember the setting you used before.

Require a userscript extension competible with Greasemonkey >= 4.0.

Multipage loading has been tested on:

Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey on Firefox
Tampermonkey on Chrome

Images and galleries tend to have higher likes/views ratio, possibly due to their content being more in line with people's expectation from seeing their thumbnails.

Privated posts with less views might have higher likes/views ratio due to the fact that a large portion of their views comes from the creator's friends.

Likes/views ratio of a post tends to go down as it gains views, due to the fact that most of the views are from people outside of the creator's followers, either due to the attractive thumbnail, title, statistics preview, exposures on the ranking pages or search engine results, or the sheer force of time.