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[KissAnime] Captcha Solver

Saves initial responses to KissAnime captcha and auto-selects images if it knows the answer.

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***I am not actively keeping this script updated and I can't guarantee support if something breaks because KA changes something again.***

This script is for the auto-completion of KissAnime captcha. If a solution is unknown, you click the answer manually. If it is known, then the correct answer will automatically be clicked. Supports any number of images in the captcha, and multiple images can match a single description.*

If you would like to help your fellow users out, please post your solution list using the "export" option.

The best way to reach me is on Reddit @WarriorSolution

*It seems the KA admin has been adding more images by taking existing ones and adding noise to them. It's possible to save all versions of a single image now. However, be aware that this further increases the amount of time it will take for the script to be useful.

To do(?):
-System of verifying solutions. This will help me to compile the master list faster.
-Create a "Solution Selection" mode that will: (Note the captcha changes on refresh.)
*Refresh the page after two images have been selected and saved, rather than redirecting.
*Refresh the page if both solutions are known.
>This mode will allow you to "speedrun" the selection/saving process for the solutions, resulting in faster list creation.

-Attempted fix for saving multiple images to one description.

-Re-wrote entire script. Slightly stricter code style, organizational improvements, made it more object-oriented, and several smaller details.
-Can deselect images now.
-Solutions are only stored after both images have been clicked.
-Changed format of things saved in local storage to avoid conflicts.
-Added support for multiple images matching a single description.

-Fixed bug where the Import/Export options wouldn't be visible.

-Importing/exporting of solution lists.
-Detect if you have been redirected to the "incorrect answer" page, and if so, delete the last two entries, then reload the captcha. This will prevent persistent incorrect solutions.

-Added comments to better reflect the code's functionality.
-Added scalability for different numbers of images.
-Made clicking the images save the solution rather than buttons.
-Improved the UI to better match KissAnime.