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Simple YouTube MP3 Button

Adds a download button to YouTube videos which allows you to download the MP3 of the video without having to leave the page

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YouTube to MP3 Button

This plugin will add a "Download MP3" button to all videos.
The main benefits of this plugin:
  • You won't have to leave the video to download the MP3 as the whole process takes place in the button (check the pictures for a small demo).
  • The MP3 will always be converted to the highest audio quality that the video offers.
  • There's no stress on your computer since the conversions take place online
  • The plugin doesn't slow your browser down since the button is added asynchronously
  • Supports long videos
I thought it was pretty annoying to be sent to another page and all that additional hassle so I looked for a solution that allowed everything to take place on the same page.

I really hope that you like it and I'd be more than glad to hear about your feedback so please feel free to open a discussion or leave a rating. :)

Firefox and Opera

You can also get this script/plugin directly for Firefox and Opera if you prefer that. :)

Photos, Feedback and Credits

Thanks to ialc, arjuna and

If the script isn't working on if you're just interested in checking an alternative script out then take a look at jaszhix's script or Soulweaver's script