Greasy Fork is available in English. - 607ch00 remix MOD - High score, Custom backgrounds, Zoom, Clock, and more!

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  • High Score tracker - stored in local data, so do not clear it if you want it saved
  • Background changer - choose random, default or any of the provided background images - feel free to suggest more backgrounds in the comments
  • Real-time clock - go to bed on time :)
  • In-game skin randomizer/rotator - Random or rotated skin will actually be seen by other players in game, but this option only works once per reconnect/respawn
  • IP Address of current/last connected server
  • FPS monitor
  • Server transfer bitrate monitor
  • Remove laggy animation from load screen logo
  • Select server from dropdown - allows for default load-balanced server, random server or specific server selection
  • Remember nickname between sessions
  • No annoying links or self-promotion!

4 graphics modes!

  • Customized includes minor optimization tweaks and allows for custom background images while keeping quality high
  • Normal is the game's regular High Quality setting
  • No Background mix of high quality models with no backgrounds and some other minor optimizations
  • Low is the game's regular Low Quality setting


  • [Mousewheel] Zoom
  • [~] Reset Zoom - reset zoom back to default level
  • [ESC] Respawn - respawn in a different part of the map
  • [Q]uit Game - quit current game and go back to main screen
  • [TAB] Toggle Stats - hide the stats panel and revert back to default look


    • Added option to choose random skin or rotate through skins per game connection
    • Fix intermittent bug when reconnecting that would show the menu again
    • Added option in server list dropdown to allow for manual entry
    • First public version

Feature Request/Bug Tracker

Please post any feature requests or bugs in the feedback section!

  • High score by time tracking - maybe other stats
  • Manual server IP input - Complete