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Ocena: OK - skrypt działa, ale ma błędy

Napisano: 25-04-2016
Edytowano: 25-04-2016
Please Fix zatnawqy

zatnawqy not work on the server stays frozen and uninstall everything and went back to install the latest version and do not skip shortener. SKIP THIS AD pressure and does nothing remains frozen, turn off the adsbypasser and can jump shortener example
Napisano: 01-05-2016

Do you have any antivirus software?

If so, does it work after you turned off antivirus?


I have installed Eset Smart Security 3 months or more, the problem I have is to do as 1 month ago.
I have disabled the antivirus and still does not work and have no other extension that is installed popup blocker.
Napisano: 13-05-2016
I have the same problem with this site
Napisano: 14-05-2016

The target link seems down (

Do you have another example?

Thank you.


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