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Napisano: 09-07-2015
5.28.0 linkbucks problem

Linkbucks cannot be bypassed automatically
Example link problem:
Napisano: 11-08-2015
Does this problem still persist? I'm using Lite version 5.31.1 and I can't get redirected automatically...
Napisano: 12-08-2015

The host name is changed, and it's added in v5.32.0.

Napisano: 13-08-2015
Still doesn't work :s don't get redirected and when I press 'skip ad', it asked me to deactivate AdBlock.
Napisano: 14-08-2015

The OP's link works for me, do you have another link? Thanks.

Napisano: 16-08-2015
Did we have to wait 5 seconds for linkbucks?
Napisano: 17-08-2015

Yes, and sometimes it will take more than 5 seconds due to server-side check.

Napisano: 20-08-2015
Same problem like linkdecode, eafyfsuh. Asked for ABP to be deactivated.


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