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Napisano: 05-08-2015
Request: add

Please, add support for this site too.
There is already a userscript for this site (feedsportal link) and a Firefox add-on too (Skip Feedsportal), but I would prefer to have it integrated in AdsBypasser.

Thanks for your attention.

Napisano: 05-08-2015

Please provide us an example link.

Napisano: 12-08-2015
Edytowano: 12-08-2015

If there is a tool to do it (and it's working), why bother to add it?

Napisano: 18-08-2015
Because 1 script is better than 2 script or 1 script + 1 addon.
I mean, AdsBypasser is already managing many different redirect sites. I thought adding one more would not harm it.
But correct me if I'm wrong. If supporting FeedsPortal would result in a large amount of code and effort, than please ignore my request.
Napisano: 19-08-2015

Someone has to maintain a new site, and there's only few guys being the "someone".

I'll put this request in a low priority(because there's already a working solution, and works well with AdsBypasser), until someone sends me the patch or the request queue become empty.


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