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Napisano: 29-03-2015
Edytowano: 29-03-2015
Suggestions for some tv sites.


Suggestions for some tv sites.


click on any host.. say
It takes you to this page
which has the final link

Watchseries is also known as:,,


This site is a clone maybe?


4. links are ok, but Kingfiles & 180upload links are only visible when you "CLICK TO SEE THE LINKS"

Can this be skipped?

Napisano: 06-05-2015
Bump for

New Sample:

180upload is hidden until you click it.
Napisano: 08-05-2015
I can confirm the 180upload behavior. Also, I don't know if its due to a combination of scripts (I use AdsBypasser, Adsfight, AntiAdware, and AntiAdblock Killer|Reek) when the "Click to see the links" shown on a rapidmoviez download page is clicked I see a new tab created (in Firefox, I also use Tab Mix Plus addon) with a blank page. I need to click back to the original rapidmoviez page to see the now shown links.
Napisano: 08-05-2015
Thank you xyzzy-xyzzy :)

However I think you should not be using Adsfight
It hasn't been updated by cecekpawon, cause died a year ago.

Besides AdsBypasser does the same job.
Napisano: 08-05-2015
You're probably right. It's been laying in my profile all this time and I never bothered taking it out. I guess I'll remove it.
Napisano: 17-05-2015

Too more things to do, I think it's better to create a new script to deal with these sites.


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