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YouTube CPU Tamer

It just reduces CPU usage on YouTube.

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What is this script:
When you opened many YouTube tabs on your browser and keep them open for a while, they seem to be calmly in an idle state. But it's not true.

Every single YouTube page launches a bunch of automatic tasks for some kind of purpose, marketing analysis or tracking your behavior, I don't know, for literally about a HUNDRED times total per every single second. Even if your browser modestly reduces its frequency on background tabs, it does cost on your CPU. And you keep tabs more, the cost also gets more. You can check them with the browser's task manager.

This script bundles these needless tasks and reduces its frequency to at most 4 times per second for reducing the CPU load. And much less on background tabs. Surprisingly, you lose NOTHING at all. You can enjoy watching videos completely with no differences but a much-tamed CPU. What the hell was that?

Before (Firefox, 1 foreground tab, 3 background tabs, opened for a while with video paused)


* The effect seems to depend on browsers and OS. The CPU load and its reduction are bigger on Firefox than Chrome, and Mac than Windows in my test cases.

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