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No purple fade on task modals

Gets rid of purple backdrop behind task modals so page contents aren't obscured. Includes options for making task modal translucent on click and for allowing scrolling of page behind modals.

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Someone once asked for this, so here I am creating it? XD The thing it does for everyone is hide the purple bit around task modals (and only task modals) so that the page behind them is unobscured. It also has options for the following settings:

  • An option to see behind the task modal itself. Clicking the modal in an area where there is no textbox or setting (i.e. in a blank spot) will cause it to become translucent, allowing you to read things that would normally be behind the modal. Hovering over the modal and clicking one of its settings, or clicking outside the modal will cause the modal to become opaque again.
  • An option to allow scrolling of the page when a modal is open--this cannot be easily made to only apply to the task modal (or even to only apply on the task page), as far as I can tell, so it adds an extra scrollbar to the page when ANY modal is open.

Version 0.0.1 simply because I only threw it together in 5 minutes, though it seems to be working as intended?