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Google search "old style"

Change style in google search results page to look like the old design

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CC BY-NC 4.0
  • ^https:\\/\\/\\..*?\\/search\\?.*

This userstyle can modify the new google search results layout. It can:

  • swap the 2 lines: the "favicon" line and the "title" line.
  • hide the favicon (by default) (as of 03/2020, the icon doesn't seem to appear as much, or not at all)
  • reduce the font size of the result blocks. 90% (default) is close to the old size (before 2019).
  • multiple options to reduce whitespace: line height and margins

Suggested values to achieve a layout closer to the pre-2020 look:

  • activate "Recover whitespace"
  • "Text's line height": 1.4
  • "Bottom margin": 10px
  • other options are already set to recommended values. Click the "x" (reset) to restore default.

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2020/09/23: targeting a new classname to handle another layout
2020/02/25: Google changed the layout again. It's easier now to "fix" it without breaking the normal old layout (which is still available) (v1.0.9)
2020/02/05: fix for google news format (not swaped)
2020/01/25: Small fix to break the old layout less, if "swap lines" is not disabled. (Needed since google reintroduced the old layout as well as variations of the favicon layout)
2020/01/21: Added options to reduce whitespace. Small correction in the "order" fix. (v1.0.5)
2020/01/21: better fix for font-size in firefox. Using another method to swap line (better handling of multi-lines titles).
2020/01/19: fix font-size in firefox
Initial release: 2020/01/17