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Flickr WideScreen - BigONE v.160.5 - UserCSS (userstyle/script)

Flickr using at its maximum a WideScreen

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► The Goal: use at its maximum my WideScreen:

  • for the shots (Maximize the number of shots visible in the window)
  • for the Info (scroll list and hover)
  • for an admin happy life (adaptation for selected Greasemonkey scripts)
  • Less scrolling with a compact and useful styled interface.
  • Less "IN THE FACE" style (Smaller version of the shots in Photo Page and Justified Views).

This script is the addition of 3 userstyles (by me)for installing them at once:

IMPORTANT : My Userstyles for Flickr on USO Archives (Faster and more usable than Archive :

NEW: ► Fight these New Flickr Adds (2020): With Chrome and Firefox Quantum: Use uBlock Origin by Raymond Hill (New 2020.10) For Waterfox Classic you need too: Scriptlet Doctor Read: uBlockOrigin - Del "Upgrade to Flickr Pro to hide these ads" (with Addon "Scriptlet Doctor")

► You can test too my other Usertyles (Many are better for A WIDE SCREEN (1920x1080)!):

► For a Better result you need to use dark and minimal scrollbars (width) with it "Minimal" because without it, some scrolling list can lost columns:

Better too, for less clicks, with these Greasemonkey companions (by me): ► Flickr - AUTO ShowAllGroups (Photo Page): Auto Expand/loads all groups on photo page. Screenshot gif:

Flickr - AUTO View User Infos and More Comments: - User Infos: In photo page, just Hover the User Buddy Icon (Screenshot) : - User Infos: In Albums Pages, just hover the More Infos box: In Albums Pages (Screenshot): - More Comments: Load all the comments without need to click on the "Load more comments"

Flickr - AUTO Video Play As the Name said: This script AUTO Play the video. Test link: New Set " Vice-City "

Flickr - AUTO Video Replay

Flickr - AUTO More Mini Thumbnail: Test link: Mikym

► Addon for images preview:

► More infos: Flickr Widescreen - ALLinONE TOTAL (part 1)