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在原版的基础上开发了此修复增强版本 [感谢原作者:sbdx、veip007] 草榴社区 - 「不定时更新网址」 「去掉60S限制」「取消viidii跳转」「种子链接转化磁链接」「去帖子广告」「阅读帖子按楼数快速跳转楼层」「帖子内隐藏1024的回复」「今日帖子加亮」「超大图片根据屏幕缩放」「快捷键:详细页J/K 上/下一个回复,F6跳转技术讨论区,【.】

Scripts posted on Greasy Fork must abide by its rules. Common violations include scripts that are malware; scripts that have ads, cryptominers, or other monetization methods and do not disclose them in their descriptions; and scripts that contain unauthorized copies of code.

Please note that being non-functional and contravening a third party's terms of use are not violations of Greasy Fork's rules. In these cases, you can instead leave feedback on the script.

If 1024网址更新+新帖标注+取消viidii跳转+去帖子广告+帖子内隐藏1024的回复等,修复版 is using code from one of your scripts also posted on Greasy Fork, please use the expedited report form.

For all other contraventions of the rules, please post on the forum.