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TheWest - Tamagotchi PG

Power up your character with the Tamagothi menu

To są wersje tego skryptu, gdzie kod został zaktualizowany. Pokaż wszystkie wersje.

  • v0.53 19-12-2017 Added spanish translation
  • v0.52 28-11-2017 better description (and little help) in the info dialog
  • v0.51 28-11-2017 TW bug workaround: center PG will center the PG now, not the last work
  • v0.50 27-11-2017 added special items, more reliable code, better window frame
  • v0.49 24-11-2017 Translated to polish
  • v0.48 24-11-2017 added luck-items
  • v0.47 23-11-2017 Completed german sentences
  • v0.46 23-11-2017 added links to my other scripts, added german language
  • v0.45 23-11-2017 updated script link
  • v0.44 23-11-2017 Added speed items, redesign was needed to place item-group-buttons
  • v0.43 22-11-2017 added all items, added options in the plugins section (The West plugins)
  • v0.42 22-11-2017
  • v0.42 22-11-2017 added new items, added cooldown text (only static at the moment)
  • v0.41 22-11-2017 swapped energy with live
  • v0.4 22-11-2017
  • v0.4 22-11-2017