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YouTube Title Fixer

Fixes a severely broken UI flaw in YouTube by removing the annoying and unnecessary "(X)" from page titles. Seriously, I have 15 tabs in a row showing "(1) ...", obscuring the actual page titles. This is just stupid.

Braden Best
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YouTube Title Fixer

This is an extremely simple script.

Actually, it's more of a much-needed bug fix, as what it does is fix a severely broken UI flaw in YouTube. You may have noticed this bug when you have more than zero notifications and more than 10 tabs open.

All the page titles say "(1) ...", and cut off before anything meaningful is conveyed. This is not useful information, especially when it's repeated 15 times in a row. Nobody needs or wants this, so my script cuts it out of the title, all titles, permanently, so a given YouTube page can properly display "Wha ..." for a video called What happens when you stuff a rabbit down a sinkhole?, instead of "(1) ...", which conveys zero information.


An object youtube_title_fixer is provided as a testing/debugging interface, and is hidden by default. More detail can be found in the code's brief commentary.

The object exposes some functions, currently:

fixit      none   performs the action that this script is named after
kill       none   kills the loop
init       none   starts the loop (called automatically on page load)
set_delay  delay  changes the delay between iterations of the loop

This interface is intended for testing. There is no purpose in using it for other reasons, and doing so would be missing the point.


It removes the annoying and unnecessary "(1)" shit from YouTube page titles.