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Youtube Mini Player (Fork)

Toggle mini player when scrolling down in Youtube

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very good

awesome script, very good, just add close button to the window of mini player

Napisano: 14-09-2017
Edytowano: 14-09-2017

Hi. I haven't actually had time to touch the code yet. Here's my roadmap:

Step 1: Refactor

Version(s): 5.1.1

Refactor the code so that it's clean and maintainable. This should also help me better-understand what the code is doing, so that it's easier to fix bugs and improve it in the first place.

Step 2: Fix Issues and Bugs

Version(s): 5.2.x

  1. Fix issues caused by the new YouTube theme (such as the missing on/off switch from the original),

  2. Fix general issues (such as the video being smaller than the window)

Step 3: Fine-tune

Version(s): 5.3.x - 6.x

  1. Add features/ideas from testing and general self-use.

  2. Add features/ideas from other people.

If I understand you correctly, you want some sort of X button on the player so that it can be forced to return to the stage. This functionality already exists in the on/off switch. However, the original author neglected to layer it correctly, so it is ostensibly hidden beneath the search banner. I do pay attention to UX, so I may just end up adding something like that anyway.

Also note that the gitlab repo is also publicly available, which means anyone is also free to add their own contributions and commit them back to the repo, where I will evaluate the merge request. However, I would prefer that people wait until at least step 1 is complete before adding their own commits. Wouldn't want to be merging inconsistent code.

As of this writing, this is merely a fork of an old version of a script that is currently suffering from feature bloat.


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