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Video Speed Buttons

Add speed buttons to any HTML5 <video> element. Comes with a loader for YouTube and Vimeo

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Napisano: 02-06-2024

Added an experimental update. On v1.0.10, you can now select an alternate "controller" which is far more minimalistic with no loops and is keyboard-only. To enable it, go into your script and change `controller_type` to `CONTROLLER_VSC`. This will cause video speed buttons to not load at all, and instead a much smaller chunk of code will load. It's so small it fits in the second screenshot.

The controls are +/- to adjust the speed and * to reset it back to 1x.

So try it out, maybe it'll work better for you. It does things in a different and much simpler way so it's less prone to break on a long-lived youtube page. However, sites that like to fight you on the speed might still give trouble.

Napisano: 02-06-2024

I think VSB being bloated may be the reason I stopped using it years ago (which is also why it went unmaintained for so long). I'm using it now, though, so expect more updates as I get annoyed with it and fix things.


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