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I Swear That This Works

About: Moomoo.io The BEST Hat Hotkeys That Are Easy TO REACH!!!

Ok, guys, I swear this thing works. This is especially useful for sandbox too.


  • It actually does.

  • Yeah thank you a lot ! Now can you had hotkey for spike and trap please !

  • https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/376159-moomoo-io-spike-trap-hotkeys-best-game-ui This isn't my script, but I use it. It works too, though it only does spike and trap hotkeys. There's no auto heal or insta though.

  • Oh, for my last comment, I was talking to Zeyrix.

  • Thanks a lot ^^

  • Your Welcome :)

  • edytowano 26 October [?]

    Also, you can use this with other scripts, but be careful, because some scripts can ban you. There is a popular script called ScriptSource: The Leading Portal for Web Apps, but you can combine this with that script. In that script, R is for Insta-Kill, so you can go to tampermonkey, and change the hotkey for Tank Gear to `(the key below Esc). Also, if you download that, then

    Press [T] Auto heal (Its already on, if you press that again, the name will change to Auto Heal Off
    Press [R] Insta kill (You have to have 2 things to attack with)
    Press [G] Auto message/joins near enemy tribe (I don't think it works anymore)
    Press [V] keep a Spike
    Press [F] keep a Pit
    Press [L] Keep 4 spikes around you (Quad Mode)
    Press [O] Keep 4 pits around you (I don't think it works anymore)
    Tap on Map to Cloudy auto-pilot (Unavailable)
    Press [P] Auto Bot attacks player automatically (Unavailable)

    Also, when you press R to Insta-Kill, then you will switch to Bull Helmet and Blood Wings if you bought the, but you can change that if you move down to lines 1385-1394 to edit. It's best used in sandbox, so it will say // @match://moomoo.io/ in the beginning, so copy that and under that, put // @match://sandbox.moomoo.io/ so you can use the script in sandbox.

    Thank you for trying out and liking this script!

  • Also, if you want to download other script, reply to this and I will give you suggestions on others that work, ok?

  • Thanks you very much for your help ^^ but : ScriptSource: The Leading Portal for Web Apps didn't work for me ^^"

  • I deleted that script because it was to ez to kill, but do you know any auto healing scripts that work? A lot of them doesn't work. Only ScriptSource works, but it is "cheating." Thank you!

  • ^^ What's your name in moomoo.io and in moomoo.io sandbox?

  • it Im noob or Zeyrix and u ? ^^

  • Mine is -iNsTa~ because I really like to Insta-Kill people. I like to play on the servers with most people, like in 12-0-0.

  • uh I cant type the upercase key that is below esc

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