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Great tool.

About: Memrise Audio Provider

It is great.
In addition, it would be amazing if you could use Oxford or Cambridge dictionaries voices than Google TTS.

Thank you.


  • Hi, thank you for your feedback.
    I looked into it, unfortunately neither Oxford nor Cambridge offer APIs to generate speech — they use static .mp3 files. Meaning, I can only retrieve audio for words that are in the dictionnary, not for sentences or anything more complex than a simple word.
    I tried Microsoft Azure TTS, which I believe is what Oxford used to generate their audio, however the standard voices don't sound natural at all (demo on https://azure-tts.herokuapp.com/), and the neural voices are much more expensive — not too willing to get there. I don't think there would be any benefits to add it as an option.
    Let me know what you think or if you have any other suggestions.

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