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Conflict with other userscripts

About: MyAnimeList Add Friends' Statistics to Main Page
edytowano 14 May w Dyskusje o skrypcie [?]

Hey purplepinapples,

A user that uses this script and one of my scripts recently told me that my script didn't work anymore.
You can find the discussion here: https://greasyfork.org/en/forum/discussion/55165/x

I did some debugging and found the problem:
You are requiring a jquery script and also using @grant none. @grant none disables the script sandbox and all scripts are now running inside the website context. Your jquery script overrides the jquery delivered by MyAnimeList which has a few extra plugins (example: Fancybox and HoverIntent). This causes my popup script that uses Fancybox to fail.

I would appreciate it if you can remove the @grant none or remove your jquery require since you can use the MAL jquery with @grant none. However don't use the latter since greasemonkey will probably cause issues.

Thank you!



  • edytowano 21 April [?]

    Hey, sorry about taking so long to respond, I dont have notifications on here so its just when I happen to look at the discussions. Feel free to Message me on MAL if you need to get a hold of me; https://myanimelist.net/profile/purplepinapples. I'll do this ASAP.

  • edytowano 21 April [?]

    I've removed the @grant none and the jquery import, I'll do this for my other scripts as well.

    Edit: done for all my other scripts on MyAnimeList.

    Thanks for the info, my javascript knowledge is quite amateurish.

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